Citibank Credit Cards Migration To Axis Bank: What Changes Will Come Into Effect After July 15


New Delhi: Axis Bank has informed customers that the migration of all relationships, including card(s) will be completed by 15-07-2024.

“We will keep you duly informed of any changes to this timeline. Upon completion of the migration, i.e., 15-07-2024 onwards, you can start enjoying the benefits of your new Axis Bank card(s) on your existing Citi-branded card(s). Your Citi-branded card(s) will continue to work seamlessly till you receive your new Axis Bank card(s) within a few months after the migration. We will share more details with you in due course,” the bank has said in its FAQ segment.

Citi-Axis Credit Cards Migration: What changes will be implemented on credit card transactions post migration?

Axis Bank has said that to ensure a smooth transition, it is going to ensure minimal changes in the way customers use their credit card. The following table has details on what changes and what remains the same on your card(s) post migration date:

Axis Bank has said that post migration, customers will enjoy a combined total credit limit across all their Citibranded Credit Card(s) and Axis Bank Credit Card(s). In case they hold a Fixed Deposit backed credit card with Axis Bank, limit for the same will be available only on the Fixed Depositbacked card and will not be a part of the aggregate limit available on the unsecured cards.

For existing e-NACH mandates for your card repayment, presentation will be done to your bank 3 days prior to the payment due date (PDD), to ensure timely credit to your credit card account, Axis Bank said.

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